BeSport Individual Time Trial Winter Series-Race 4

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Spencer H. - 26.03.2017

“A really great event put on by be sports - Thank you to be sports for putting on the time trial series, very well organised races, great prizes and medals and very reasonably priced event. Friendly atmosphere at races and good to see an event organised to encourage community cycling in UAE for all levels instead of just about making money. Hope you continue next season with this race.”

Michelle L. - 22.03.2017

“A good event, would love to see more people there - Hard to find information on start times and eventually found in downloads. A message or email with details would be great. Timing clock at the start was not correct GPS/accurate timing ... how does this compare to watches at the end of the course? Can timing chips be used in the future for more accurate timing? Would love to see a points system for the overall winners, if you miss an event due to injury or sickness it eliminates you immediately.”

Svein H. - 22.03.2017

“Overall a nice event - Timings need to be a lot better, I've had rather big differences between logged GPS time and time reported by the event holder. I would be happy to pay extra to get correct timing using a chip.”

Jana S. - 18.03.2017

“Enjoyable race for all - Jana really enjoyed doing the series. Hopefully it will be back. Thanks for everything. ”

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