Bahrain Triathlon Championship 2016

13 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 26.10.2016

“Needs improvement - It was a good course, same as local triathlons that usually take place. Bib pickup on race day was a mess because of queue - and there was no space for bikes on the rack by the time we finished so the bikes crowded. Suggest to do bib pickup a day before to avoid this. The start of fun race was too late and it was too hot for the run. Value for money good but would suggest snacks or at least energy drinks after the race especially in that heat! Swim info announcement very confusing and misleading”

Anonymous - 24.10.2016

“Nice - Water stops was only available twice especially the weather was very hot”

Tim O. - 23.10.2016

“Good event but a few improvements needed. - Comments relate to Fun Sprint Only. Better pre-race communications needed. First water stop needed to be moved to the 1km point. Marshals struggled to control the traffic, a couple of very scary moments. More bike racks needed. However plus points, great atmosphere, a lovely venue, love finishing on the red carpet. Would like to get a time for the event and placing too. Will be back next year for sure... good first effort, small improvements would make a big difference. ”

James L. - 23.10.2016

“Well Organised Event - Interested to receive timing and results.”

Anonymous - 23.10.2016

“Was amaizing event , good job - الشكر الجزيل للمنظمين و المارشال و القائمين عللى السباق , اتمنى تكرار مثل هالمسابقات ”

Colin G. - 22.10.2016

“Good event, well organized - No electronic timing and late start but overall a fun event with nice medals. ”

Anonymous - 22.10.2016

“No communication, course confusion, short distance - It was branded an 'ITU Elite Sprint Distance' - no course maps or instructions were issued. ITU Elite races normally don't have bib numbers, so many competitors did not bring number belts and had to go begging for one. Even though cones divided the course from traffic a car swerved into the bike lane narrowly missing me & forcing me to hit the brakes. The sprint distance bike was only 18.5km & the run was 3.9km. Road leading to the bike dismount area had spectators walking on it.”

Verdy S. - 22.10.2016

“Nice event - Overall good event. Pre-event communication can be improved as it was limited through FB, & e-mail in the race day. The start time was late for the "Fun" group. It might be better to have the start early next time, maybe like 5-10 minutes gaps after the Elite group. Starting at 8:30 for the fun group, made the run portion almost unbearably too hot. I thought manual timing is the things of the past.. :-) Value for money is good though (50 Dhs), but due to this unfortunately no giveaways. .:-( ”

Clinton S. - 22.10.2016

“Needs some improvement but good overall - No pre event emails, and only a single communication on FB. Race started very late, everything out on the course was good. No results?. Suggest to give participants discounted day pass to sofitel beach / pool area to stay and socialise with fellow athletes”

Anonymous - 22.10.2016

“Great event needs improvement - Start time was not accurate and not enough communication with participants before the race.”

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