Ashurst Aquathon Series 2016 - Race 1

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Andy B. - 10.04.2016

“Top Event, Awesome breakfast - Great venue, well organized, fair price and very good breakfast. Can't fault this one.”

Sven D. - 05.04.2016

“In it to win it - Not many teams taking part, so... we won! Fun day with a good breakfast. Route markings on the run could be improved though.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 06.04.2016
“We so far have 3 teams for the next event....interest is building.”

Rawan S. - 04.04.2016

“Overall a great experience, and great organization - Route singage could include distance crossed ”

Anonymous - 03.04.2016

“Below Expectations - The race itself is great and it's done in a great place. other than this nothing was good. 1) Price was too high (AED 275) even if it includes breakfast. Breakfast should've been as an option to be chosen or not by the participant 2) Breakfast wasn't good. 2 of the main items were Pork and we don't eat pork 3) Race briefing was done once before the Olympic and we missed it because it was too early. There should have been another briefing before each category ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 04.04.2016
“Did you download and read the RACE INFO PACK? It was clearly stated that there would be ONE briefing at 6.20am. It is not possible to run briefing in the middle of the race(s). 95% of the breakfast was non-muslim food and it was clearly stated when you entered that the entry fee included breakfast. With regards to the price - AED275 included breakfast - It does cost money to stage events and the expenses/costs are reflected in this fee.”

Abdulla A. - 03.04.2016

“Good experience - First, I want to say im really disappointed with the one time briefing , there are things that we didn't know , and I recommend the briefing to be done for each batch of races. second, there should be an option where the breakfast is not included. Being a muslim in which we cant eat pork , the breakfast was such a disappointing to pay that much where we couldn't eat , since most of the actual food was pork.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 03.04.2016
“FYI it was clearly stated that the race briefing would be at 6.20am for all entrants. It is hard to run run separate briefings when a race is in full swing. The only pork items were sausages and back and more than 95% of the breakfast was non pork product. The option of NOT including b/fast is not an option as it is important to guarantee the hotel revenue for use of the venue. The other option is that we pay them a fee for using venue with no breakfast,and this fee is passed on via entry fee”

Mark K. - 02.04.2016

“Fantastic Venue - This is a great venue and fantastic offer for the money (breakfast for participants) - perhaps the best I've ever been treated in an event!”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 04.04.2016
“Thanks for the great feedback. See you at the next two races.”

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