Ashurst Sprint Aquathon - Race 3

9 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Khalid A. - 21.04.2015

“Will Definitely Be Back! - We had a lovely morning. Only slight confusion regarding the race pack collection as this was our first time here, otherwise we were made to feel welcome and thought the atmosphere was great!”

Deirdre G. - 21.04.2015

“Great small aquathon - Really enjoyed the race. Well organized. Course was a bit of a surprise with running in the sand and two loop swim but it ended working well. Great support throughout. ”

Darlene G. - 18.04.2015

“Thoroughly enjoyed participating in this event! - I car from the U. S. on holiday to participate in this event. I was concerned that I wouldn't be as good an athlete as everyone and much older. Everyone made me feel welcome and I was a most enjoyable experience. Thank you very much. ”

Omar Sulaiman S. - 18.04.2015

“Thank you - Thank you”

Anonymous - 18.04.2015

“Great event & organization - Thanks for this amazing event, the only thing is that it would have been great to have the time results during the prize celebration....or maybe I missed out where the results have been displayed.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 18.04.2015
“Results are posted on our website just like everyone of our events. full results were available for viewing after the prize giving.”

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