Ashurst Aquathon Series 2016 - Race 3

11 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Alan G. - 03.05.2016

“Well organised great event !!!! - The team does it again!!!!”

Kenneth H. - 29.04.2016

“Hidden Gem of the UAE Triathloon Scene - Super venue for a cracking little event that can only get bigger and better when the triathletes realize that you don't have to cycle to enjoy multi-sport. Great fun; will be back next year for more of the same please.”

Andrew P. - 25.04.2016

“What a great little event that is well organised - This was a really great event that I thoroughly enjoyed. I think the compulsory breakfast did impact on the value for money as I think I would have preferred to pay less and not have the breakfast.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 25.04.2016
“Andrew, the reality is that without breakfast being part of the entry fee then the use of the resort would come at cost. The b/fast is a guarantee for the resort to get a financial return on us staging the event their. In our opinion offering a b/fast at our cost is better value than charging the same fee but offering no b/fast because we would still have to a minimum guarantee to the resort. AF.”

Cassandra L. - 24.04.2016

“Great fun! - Professional ”

Andy B. - 24.04.2016

“The best event on the UAE calender - Great venue, well planned, well delivered never disappoints, if you do 1 event in the season, pick this one.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 25.04.2016
“Doing 3 is even Better :-). ”

Dagmar R. - 23.04.2016

“Great location for a nice end-of-season event - Perfectly organized, nice giveaways and medals, easy course-in general: absolut nothing to complain! Great event!!!”

Loy M. - 23.04.2016

“Friendly Atmosphere & Worthwhile Race - Everything about this event can be summed in 10 points 1) Simple 2) Easy 3) Cordial 4) Enjoyable 5) Value-for-Money 6) Worthwhile 7) Fun 8) Friendly 9) Family Atmosphere 10) Run Professionally. Only suggestion 1) Photographs - If something could be done to give us a few pictures of the moments we share 2) Race Results - via SMS PS - Big Thank you to Paul Venn and his team! Amazing Job.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 24.04.2016
“Loy, you are a hard task master........given we have a Tony Stark (Ironman) look-a-like as an MC nd we only get 7/10. If he dresses up as IRONMAN next time will we get 10/10?”

Anonymous - 23.04.2016

“Friendly comfortable supportive well organised - Well done RACE ME- Great event. Thank you. Excellent breakfast and venue.”

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