Aloft Runs for Children ADNEC 2017

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Overall Rating
Aurelie D. - 25.09.2017

“Very happy to participate - This message is from my mother "I would like to share with you my disappointment, I went through the Kids Lap female rank list, I have noticed some anomalies. I have noticed few name on the list, rank better than my daughter who did the full 2 km and these girls did just half. I know it because I was there waiting by the finish line. I would be so grateful if you email me a clear clarification how you monitor the race. I look forward to receiving your response."”

Dagmar R. - 25.09.2017

“Fantastic indoor event for every type of runner - Absolutly nothing to complain. I am wondering about low number of participants. It was very well organized, easy and nice course, very generous gifts, fanatstic volunteers and great atmosphere. For me one of the best indoor events!”

Anonymous - 25.09.2017

“Well organised, small event. - A bit annoying to have to come back in the afternoon for awards, when running in the morning. Never made it back, not sure if we missed out on awards for non attendance. Otherwise a great event. Marshalls and support were fantastic!!”

Jenny M. - 23.09.2017

“Excellent - Thanks to all involved in this event - very grateful that marshals and organisers alike were willing to give up their time so enthusiastically and look after us so well throughout the day. Lovely atmosphere - very supportive from start to finish. Hats off to Aloft and GMS. Loved it.”

Trevor B. - 22.09.2017

“A fun events for kids! - This is a fun event for kids to run in! My only suggestion is to make it clear to the kids how many laps they should run. Many kids only ran 1 lap when 2 is what was required. The kids were so excited to run that when they were reminded that it was two laps they gladly started to run again! More events like this would be wonderful! Keep the kids running!”

Fatima A. - 22.09.2017

“Amazing Charity Event! - The Organizers were really good.. everything was clear from the beginning til the end. The award ceremony was after all the runs hence most people already left and missed it. The prizes were just awesome! Thank you Aloft for feeding us during the award ceremomy :) Thanks to everyone including the sponsors who was part of today's runs :) and the best part is "it's all for Charity"! ”

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