Al Wathba Monday Night Cycle Race 1

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 22.09.2017

“Nice - Very nice event and make the riders more excited”

Jana S. - 21.09.2017

“Great opportunity and race - We love the sport and it is a great opportunity for the children to race in the Junior race. I think we just need to have a talk with them about safety when it comes to drafting - keeping your distance and not touching wheels, because somebody is going to get hurt. I know they have lots of things to learn and some may say they must man up, but teaming up and trying to block others and pushing them is not safe and not a good future for all of these young riders. Good sportsmanship is important. ”

Anonymous - 20.09.2017

“Waste of time , effort, and money - Last year a complaint was raised against the organizer and unfortunately nothing happened ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 23.09.2017
“Not sure who this is directed at but feel free to come forward and talk directly with the organiser. email or call as this comment helps no one steve at”

Giacomo M. - 19.09.2017

“First time... - ...but not the last”

Anonymous - 19.09.2017

“خطا في التوزيع - توزيع المجموعات كان مش عادل ”

Anonymous - 19.09.2017

“Well organised but bad discipline by competitors - Well organised but adult riders waiting for their start times were waiting on the track whilst kids were trying to complete their race. This was really unfair on the juniors and the staff who they rudely ignored when they were asked to move clear. ”

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