Al Wathba Cycling Series Race 1

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Overall Rating
Sameh A. - 08.10.2015

“Great cycling night! - Better lighting needed at start/finish location. T-shirt giveaway was not well organized - some got, some didn't, some didn't even know. Need for safety briefing especially for those new to group rides. Should allow time for team members to discuss riding positions and taking turns at the front. Overall though, was a great night with no incidents to report. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 08.10.2015
“Thanks Sameh, we appreciate your feedback. Hopefully we will see you back from more races in the series and you will see the improvements being implemented.”

Duncan A. - 08.10.2015

“Excellent event, well run, will do it again - Keep it up”

Peter B. - 08.10.2015

“Very good - Excellent really enjoyed it, I would prefer to enter the whole series in one hit.”

Comment from Premier Online - 10.10.2015
“The feature providing the ability to do so is coming very soon.”

Anton B. - 08.10.2015

“Good event, safety instructions needed - Safety regulations for the racers were not there. I would have liked to see instructions to all about having or not having lights, music and safety distances maintained. Participants were all over the place. Aero arms were not allowed, but several riders had them there as well.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 08.10.2015
“Thanks Anton for your feedback. I thought we had nabbed and removed all offending aero bars. We clearly articulated no aero bars in sign up process and also pre race emails. Hopefully see you back for race 2 onwards”

Peter M. - 08.10.2015

“A great night out - Excellent effort from all involved; well done! Only issue was grumble bum telling me to go to the shop for water :) p.s. can you please arrange for some more tail wind next time!”

Alnekhaira A. - 08.10.2015

“First race overall good experince - 8km track was open and wish been closed as frist time racer with average speed 30kmh, would be nice to have other race only for newbies ”

Anonymous - 06.10.2015

“Fantastic! - Great event, unique to this area. Fantastic opportunity to practise skills needed in group riding and drafting. Rode in group of people who were different genders, ages and nationalities that I had never met before but we rode as a team and helped each other around the course. Really pleased to have a mid week, evening event to participate in too, avoiding clashes with the numerous weekend events. Really enjoyed the opportunity to take part in a cycle event-there are so few in AD. Loved it!”

John M. - 06.10.2015

“Overall very good event. - A bit expensive no event giveaways, could of provided at least water and a gel or something at the end.”

Justin D. - 06.10.2015

“Excellent race, well organised. - Great event, well organised with good communication prior to the event. Perfect race for novices upwards- staggered start times make for a really interesting and enjoyable race. Hope to see plenty more races in Abu Dhabi based on the popularity of this evenings race- well done to the organisers!”

Anonymous - 05.10.2015

“The race was awful and unorganized it was a mess! - We were told that everybody will start together, and when we arrived they split us into groups based on what they think my level is at. They started the timing right after the first group left, my group started 11+ minutes after the first group and they included the waiting time in the overall results. the results were unfair, because if you started first you've got time advantage. et No medals/podium it wasn't worth it racing at all, taking in consideration I flew from Kuwait to race. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 06.10.2015
“Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate your comments, however, the race instructions were very clear. An Australian Pursuit race is a Handicap Race where riders are seeded and started in groups reflective of their riding capability.The Winner of the race is he or she that crosses the line first on the overall gross time (not net time). We are sorry that you feel we were not clear.”

Anonymous - 05.10.2015

“Alwathbah series race1 - It was good experience of first time for me . I had enjoyed .I would like to be join the race again on next time . ”

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