Al Wathba Cycle Series Race 3

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
John M. - 12.11.2015

“Excellent - This event has improved each time, its well organised and administrated , and is a great event for the Cyclist of Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE Cycling community. ”

Charlie H. - 10.11.2015

“Another good race in the series. - Well organised and good fun.”

Richard A. - 10.11.2015

“Awesome event - really nice people. - Maybe have a "not applicable" option on your survey? I feel mean giving a 0% rating and a little dishonest for giving a 100% if something doesn't apply (eg Support Stations for this event).”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.11.2015
“Thanks Richard, glad you liked the race. My chilled pep talk, handing out water at the end and the jovial smile - is 100% surely. comments taken on board ”

Comment from Premier Online - 11.11.2015
“All comments are read and noted and we're pleased to tell you that an overhaul of the ratings feature here on Premier Online is underway and should be complete by end of year. Thanks for taking the time to rate!”

Allan D. - 10.11.2015

“Great event well ran, chilled. - Perhaps the more serious/fast riders need to be reminded that the track/race is not solely for them. Others are also there to enjoy and do their best and above all be safe. Dizzy”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.11.2015
“Thanks Allan appreciate the feedback. At least The starters Tash will be gone by race 4”

Alden M. - 10.11.2015

“Nice to have an event that's a bit different. - Probably aimed a bit more towards stronger riders than beginners but can still be enjoyed by all. Nice change to have an event that doesn't require an early morning start!”

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