Abu Dhabi Tour Challenge KO 21 February

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Overall Rating
Paul C. - 26.02.2017

“Awesome! - Fantastic event, great idea perfectly executed ! Thanks.”

Andrew C. - 22.02.2017

“Confused? You should be. - As an event it was fun to be part of. I have never ridden that fast with so many people in close proximity. However, the rules and results have left me a bit baffled. Is it not possible to rank DNFs based on their final lap times? Also I was not aware that I could cross the line after the pace car had overtaken me - that way I would have recorded a 5th lap time. And the waiting around outside the the circuit was odd - I needed water and couldn't get any as we were stopped at the gate.”

William G F. - 22.02.2017

“Exciting Race - poor result service - Fantastic fast controlled racing- excellent self discipline from all riders, with a very disappointing insulting results table - not everyone could finish and knew they couldn't finish as they were riding against elite/better riders from faster categories. Only a select few were capable of the final lap speed. Considering the event was so well supported it was very disappointing/insulting to not even see a 'time' recorded against your name - no electronic participation cert either. Miserable...”

Comment from Premier Online - 25.02.2017
“Please do understand that the results service is performed / provided in response to the specific request(s) from the event organizers; it is not decided by the timing service provider. The timing service requested was performed and worked well; we're sorry you feel it was poor...”

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