Abu Dhabi Tour Challenge 18 October

16 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Wen Yang C. - 26.10.2016

“Great event for cycleing lover - Interesting event! If there is free hemlet, it would be fabulous.”

Pablo Jr D. - 26.10.2016

“Best free event so far - All is best”

Chris B. - 23.10.2016

“More please ... More! - Please keep us informed about the next events ... this was a great way to get motivated. Big thx to the organisers.”

Anonymous - 23.10.2016

“Very nice idea! - They could start on time and be a bit more clear on the rules / time. It was not clear how many laps we could do, where to stop, etc. The T-shirts were a very nice touch! The staff were very friendly and the event did a good job of including people. ”

Hunter R. - 22.10.2016

“A fun event to promote the Abu Dhabi Tour - Overall a good event...and free! However, it's really frustrating to queue up at the start line only to have a 15-minute delay.”

Anonymous - 22.10.2016

“Awesome - I had a great experience, want to do it again and again.”

Andrew C. - 21.10.2016

“A different night out! - This was a simple no frills safe event that was well organised and worth the effort even tho' I was disappointed with my time. Looking forward to doing it again.”

Charlie A. - 21.10.2016

“More info on actual event - Info on the event stated it was a fastest lap of the north circuit of Yas. No distance was given. The event ended up being the full circuit, not the north. The track can be divided into two circuits, the north and south. Noticed on other events as well doesn't really state what exactly is race distance or number of laps etc. For instance for another event it says something like, 'each loop is 5.2km', but doesn't state how many loops need to be completed, any time limit for the race etc.”

Anonymous - 21.10.2016

“Fantastic experience. Awesome adrenaline rush. - I would love to see one Time Trial race a month round Yas. This would allow people to focus their training on beating Personal Records and improving their times. This isn't really possible on a normal Start Yas Sunday & Train Yas Tuesday. It wouldn't have to take the whole evening - just from 9.00pm like it was this time. I hope it's sooner than a year!”

Qais K. - 19.10.2016

“Great Event.. Thanks - Thanks. It was greater event, I really enjoyed gathering with al cyclist.”

Anonymous - 18.10.2016

“Perfect organization - Perfect organization”

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