Abu Dhabi Junior Aquathlon Race 3

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Overall Rating
Sarah P. - 04.05.2016

“Very good - Kids love it and its all excercise”

Alexander W. - 26.04.2016

“Well done AGAIN! - Well done for another smooth operation! Enjoyed the event and found staff happy, helpful and friendly - just what you need at 6am .. Perhaps have a coloured flag on the 2 buoys that the kids swim to, so as to avoid confusion in the water and them swimming further than need be.”

Marwan F. - 26.04.2016

“Fantastic event - Great organization, great location, great atmosphere. Difficult to find anything to say other than... Thank You!”

Luca S. - 26.04.2016

“Fantastic event - the children loved it! - The only suggestion is that given we have never done an event like this - it would of be great to hae received pointers on how to manage the transition. Other than that fantastic. Also in my registration l had confirmed that the children were representing Cranleigh. But l know of at least 8 children who were not registered under Cranleigh the day of the competion?? ”

Matilda C. - 26.04.2016

“Very well organized and a very positive atmosphere - Very well organized and a very positive atmosphere! :)”

Bilal M. - 26.04.2016

“Well organized fun event - The start up line has been crowded with parents and kids on the corner sides were not comfortable. Someone needs to look into that.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 26.04.2016
“Thank you for the feedback, as the event grows so do the anxious sideline parents. We will definitely look into this area and look to improve for our next race. ”

Rafael M. - 25.04.2016

“The event is very well organized - Love the organization and the ambiance of the overall event! Sad I have to wait until the season starts again, will miss these events!”

Yamato H. - 25.04.2016

“Instruction for the course was very clear - Transition should be labeled more clearly in the Course.”

Anonymous - 25.04.2016

“Good event for students - I wish if it start bit latter like 9 a.m”

Maya B. - 25.04.2016

“It was fun. I want to do it again - Maya says: The run was fun, maybe not the swim though! It was easy to understand where to go. I enjoyed doing it with my friend, we had lots of fun. Mum says: Thanks organizers for another excellent event. ”

Anonymous - 23.04.2016

“First timer - First time participating in a Premiere event... Impressed with the organization! Well done!”

Liam L. - 23.04.2016

“Always lots of fun focussed on the kids - Beautiful venue”

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