Abu Dhabi Junior Aquathlon - Race 2

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 26.11.2017

“Nice event for children - - Nice to see tshirts given again, makes the event a great value - Easy and straightforward course, good for new participants. - More organizing needed at finish line, didn’t have medals, shirts and most importantly water ready for the first group of finishers. - Not the organizers fault but maybe a few more marshalls on the course as it was observed that a few may have cut the run short.”

Anonymous - 25.11.2017

“all perfect - No comment”

Emily E. - 25.11.2017

“Ccc - Ggg”

Oscar W. - 25.11.2017

“Terribly marshalled and timed event. - The last few events that we have attended have dropped terribly in the quality of this event. Today’s takes the cake though. The swim leg is now dangerous. There was no one with canoes to help anyone who got into trouble. The life guards who were out there couldn’t possibly have moved quickly enough to guide the kids who had swum off track so they swam much further than was required. The running markings were terrible. Just using old cones that are so faded they blend into the sand is rotten.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 25.11.2017
“Dear Karen, We appreciate your feedback. The assertions of dangerous are very serious. We set this event up with Safety first and foremost hence the paralel swim to sore along bouy line, the 3 chaperones in the water, A jet ski . The kids swam off course in one heat is surely not the fault of the swim brief ( head straight to the open gate, turn right and then left around the buoy and the paralell to the beach. Fluero Orange and Green cones along the run course -- couldn't have been brighter”

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