2XU Compression Run Series: Race 3

17 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 29.01.2017

“It was great! - Everything was well organized, I just wish we got an event t-shirt! ”

Hamad A. - 29.01.2017

“Very well organized - The event was well managed with a clear path and enough water stations.”

Jon D. - 28.01.2017

“Great Race! - Again - this race is well-organized, great size, good course, etc. The only critique I have (very minor) - I collect my race bibs from all of my races; this particular race collects the race bibs at the end, as the bib has the timing chips attached. I have a Championchip and wish that would suffice for timing, and that I would be able to keep the event's race bib. That's it! Otherwise, an well-organized event and great value. Thank you to the event organizers - this was great!”

Anonymous - 28.01.2017

“Friendly event with improved course - Great to be able to run straight to the finish line without the short U-turn that used to be at the end of the race. For the pre-dawn starts, more lights in the car park would be good. As usual, lots of friendly encouragement from fellow runners and spectators. ”

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