ADNOC Cycle Challenge

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Anonymous - 27.04.2015

“An event probably meant for Elite Riders - The event timing was not followed (They said awarding will start at 10AM, but they started early). The organizers were very bad to novice and open riders. They have put all riders (regular or novice) into a very compromising & dangerous situation by opening the traffic early and not up to the last rider (as what contrary to what they have communicated). The water support is so terrible. A very bad event in general.”

Anonymous - 20.04.2015

“Event for professionals or very experienced only - I entered this event on the belief it was an amateur race however I quickly discovered it was an event only for very quick cyclists as I was stopped about an hour in on the highway and not provided with a method to get back to Abu Dhabi other than to continue cycling. There was no information regarding required abilities/cut off times in the pre event registration or information to suggest this would happen although I actually completed the event in 3.5 hrs. ”

Daniel S. - 19.04.2015

“Great event - Expected to receive medals on the finish line as per the Event Information”

Anonymous - 18.04.2015

“Expected more - please get better! - LOUD music at start but not a single announcement telling us to go. Tri bar idiots - WHY did the Commissar's walk past these guys? DQ them all! Course = boring. How about more within the city itself? Police = mostly excellent. Coming down Sadiyat bridge the traffic (SCARY) got me - I even waited at a red light and fought my way through the cars as they were diverted. Finishing - had to beg for a box instead of being given one. TSHIRT??? I didn't get one or see anyone to get one. Wont do again. ”

Anonymous - 17.04.2015

“Poor organization - Am very disappointed in overall , some selly things that happed someone from a car came next to me and said that am out of the race if I want to be in i have to follow a group!! When i catch up with a group latter on the guy said he already give me number to the organization and am out of the challenge!! Nothing to say more about the support station and other poor preparation coz other riders will write”

Aimee D. - 17.04.2015

“Smooth, Epic, Safe Event - Really well run event. Perfect course. Really good eye opener to racing for anyone interested in getting racing. Safe course, plenty of room to maneuvre around across lanes. Plently of support out on the course and flyovers to make breakaways interesting. Really fast prize giving which was great and a bonus to recieve prize money there and then! Already looking forward to next season! Well done Team ;-) !”

Bernhard H. - 17.04.2015

“Good event, but - Some small parts could be better. For example: - T-shirts according to the size. My shirt fitting my wife. - Do this in combination with collection of start numbers after finish line. - Add some other parts of AD (if possible)”

Steve B. - 17.04.2015

“Poor organisation,no clear regulations/rules - I was very disappointed in the marshalling , lack of inspection of bikes there were people with bikes with tri bars fitted that are not allowed in open road cycling. There were no clear instruction that riders would be asked to leave the race if they were at the back,myself and a colleague were haranged by someone from a car telling us that we had to retire when we were at Al Reef there was no option but to continue as our car was in the city.Poorly run and OK if you were able to keep up.”

Clinton S. - 17.04.2015

“Good route, poor organization - I had a good ride and enjoyed the route but the organization was nothing to write home about... Wasn't aware that the race had started, and when finishing we had to go looking for where to collect the shirt, the person handing out the shirts was having a bad day it seemed and didn't want to be there. Heard stories from others that were pulled off the course and couldn't finish just because they were a bit slower... That is really unacceptable.”

Manfred M. - 17.04.2015

“Typical ADNOC organisation - Very disappointed about roads being opened before riders had completed despite being told the rolling closure would follow the last rider. Very dangerous, compounded by being left 40km from the start with no support for emergencies. If you want to put a cut off time then say so - don't pretend this is for everyone when all you want is the elite riders. Also -I told you about covering the expansion joints on Sadiyyat bridge last month - no action resulted in many punctures for me and many others”

Francisco L. - 17.04.2015

“Well organized, safe, clean& fast track - Excellent organization, perfect place for the race (Corniche, Saadiyat Island), very clean, fast and safe track. Cheap registration. Excellent temperature and ambient conditions. Definitely will do it again next year!”

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