5th Annual Giant Duathlon Series 2017/18 - Race 1

11 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 12.11.2017

“Awesome event - Fantastic event with great organisation and prize giving presentation. Volunteers were very helpful and supportive on the course and a good size transition area. Good warnings about the tight turns and speed bumps too.”

Uli E. - 05.11.2017

“Well organized, nice event! - My time keeping chip didn’t work, so I have no timing and rank...”

Jonathan P. - 05.11.2017

“Great event! - Great event but subsequent briefings after the main event starts could take place elsewhere to avoid blocking the course for runners.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 05.11.2017
“Great point and taken on board...try as I may to keep the kids and parents back they kept edging forward,”

Andy B. - 05.11.2017

“Great Event - Really enjoyed this as always. Showers please or revert to AQ where facilities are provided, track is quieter and run course is more interesting. Thanks to the volunteers and marshals, well done”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 05.11.2017
“I beg to differ that holding from Al Qudra (Zads) would be quieter, are you actually referring to District One?”

Anonymous - 05.11.2017

“Great organisation - Thank you for everyone's efforts - great event.”

Tom S. - 03.11.2017

“A nice event but room for improvement - My big issue with this particular event was the lack of shower facilities. I have to go straight to work from the race and the fact we weren't able to use the showers at Hamdan was an enormous inconvenience. I also feel that a lot of people were drafting on the bike leg which was not picked up and stopped. This made it difficult to overtake and on a windy course gave a lot of the cyclists a huge advantage over the rest of the field. Other than that I thought the event was very well organised.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 05.11.2017
“Thanks for your feedback and I will pass it onto Hamdan Sports Complex. I am on your side BUT for some reason they don't permit us access to the showers...I could understand if we said we had showers but did not offer, but this one is out of our hands. Impossible to police drafting on the cycle track, but I did make a big deal of this at the prize giving and drew attention to the blatant cheating.”

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