2XU Triathlon Championships Series Race 2 of 3 Season 14/15

28 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Sarah B. - 17.02.2015

“Safe and fun race - It is a very well organized race. More and more participants too!”

Sasha B. - 11.02.2015

“Fantastic event for all ages! - Fantastic event for all ages and all levels! Highly recommended. Great organisation! ”

Lucy W. - 09.02.2015

“Enjoyable well organised event - Shame about the fog which made the swim course very congested but this was not the organisers fault. I really enjoyed the bike and run course and look forward to the next one.”

Nick P. - 09.02.2015

“It was all great - As usual everything was good. I also really liked the 2 lap swim course for sprint because it meant the spectators could actually see where we were and we also got more of a sense of how far through the swim we were. The fog also made everything a little more exciting”

Lyndon H. - 09.02.2015

“Great event - My first Olympic triathlon and even though was quite daunting it was very enjoyable. Shame about the fog which meant everyone had to do the very short swim route which made it a bit congested. Well done everyone! ”

Scott C. - 09.02.2015

“Excellent adaptation under difficult conditions - Rants - goody bag was very poor. Almost got hit by a car at the roundabout - why was a car allowed on the course during the race?! Didn't have any photos :( Praise - Great last minute organisation in dealing with foggy weather - was better to not have to cross the rope of death! Had a really good race and managed to improve my time! :)”

Brendan F. - 08.02.2015

“Overall Good event - Overall Good event - some of the particular issues encountered in the 1st in the 2014/2015 Series (Oct 14) have been corrected.”

Sharon D. - 08.02.2015

“Good organisation even in fog changes - Always like Mamzar, a great course, and thankfully an option for the swim was still available despite the fog. Great race organisation, better water management this time, liked the carpet up the beach and the tent on the beach made it easier to spot the return on the swim. ”

Jamie E. - 08.02.2015

“Good Race which is always improving - Good race which has learnt from past errors. weather was challenge for the swim start and best decision was made (even if it made it a bit tougher for some due to congestion).”

Anonymous - 08.02.2015

“Good course, same old deficiencies. - We keep coming back because the course is nice but the organisation has not improved since 2012. Marshalling was particularly bad Friday with the lead guys were sent the wrong way and most marshalls playing on their phone when athletes biked/ran past. Giveaways are still rather poor for the fees comparing to other races in UAE. Also, Sprint should not start 5 mins after Olympic, every time we get trampled in the water! Positive: there was water on the run course unlike the previous races.”

Martin B. - 08.02.2015

“Good but disappointing to see some of the AG winne - Good but disappointing to see some of the AG winners not getting Winners medals due to an apparent supplier issue. This is Very poor when some are first time podium finishers”

Alessandro N. - 07.02.2015

“Can be improved - Swimming in the 375m course was a pain in the neck: too many swimmers, too much confusion. The weather didn't help, of course. The course is reasonably good, although I didn't like having to break to U-turn during the bike leg. Running along the track with passers-by was a bit distracting, also.”

Mattia P. - 06.02.2015

“Good race, but results still presented uncorrectly - The results are not there yet. This time the split times were calculated correctly, still the averages speeds are wrong. It shall be calculated as split-distance/split-time, and not split-distance/cumulated-time. Come on guys, it does not take a phd in mathematics...”

Alex M. - 06.02.2015

“Another great 2XU! - Given the otherwise excellent setup and location, only drop in star is around policing of the tracks - we had at least one car drive through the cycling route while the race was on, and the running track was full of non-participants walking around with prams etc (perhaps the event wasn't big enough this time to allow full control) Otherwise, excellent management and a thoroughly enjoyable event - thanks for creating and maintaining such an accessible entry point to the Triathlon world! :)”

Mark P. - 06.02.2015

“Great event. Well managed. - A very nice experience. Both of my Triathlons done at the 2XU in Mamzar. Will definitely go back for the third one. The run section was quite sandy and plenty of people getting in the way, but apart from that a well managed and fun morning.”

Markus K. - 06.02.2015

“Great Job - Great job to all!!”

Jessica R. - 06.02.2015

“A great event for my first tri - Everything went really well - we weren't bombarded with information but I also felt like I had been given all the information I needed. The start to the swim was very very crowded and actually didn't get much better. I was in the sprint distance and i think this was probably because we all had to go around a buoy within the first 100m due to the change in course! Other than that - I really thought everything was run really well. had a great atmosphere and a really great location!”

Anonymous - 06.02.2015

“Great event - Try to go abu dhabi ”

Marco F. - 06.02.2015

“Very well organized and enjoyable route - I think the event is very nice and even for a person like me for which it was the very first triathlon in my life everything went well. Really good organized.”

Radek P. - 06.02.2015

“Nice race - Despite the challenging weather (fog) the race was well organized with improved fueling (compare to last time). ”

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