25th Salomon Wadi Bih Run 2017 - 3 & 4 February

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8.3 Great course! Michael Bucksmith · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes

“The weather this year was unbelievable and the organisers did a magnificent job of making sure the race went ahead. I loved running the course and will definitely be back! ”

4.8 Not worth the effort · Participation 2 times I would take part again No

“Have previously done th race&enjoyed it with its challenges,but this year the overall feeling is "poorly planned".Really struggled to register supporters.The border posts were CHAOS-paperwork going to Oman Fri&4hr+ waiting times coming back on Sat!Same last year,this should REALLY be addressed.Route markings&check points were unclear despite weather clearing on Fri.Location of hill climb and when team could all run together poorly communicated.Should receive marker as proof at turn-around point.”

9.8 A even harder test this year-due to the weather Diarmuid O Malley · Participation 6+ times I would take part again Yes

“Thanks once again for putting on such a great event, the weather conditions were the worse I have seen in years in this region and the show still went on, kudos to the event organisers. I ran the 72km solo on Friday and the organisers did everything they possibly could for the runners,which was fantastic. It really is such a unique event and one that id highly recommend, yes, the border crossing takes time, but once you get over the border the view and the scenery on a normal day is amazing. ”

6.5 This event wasn't good as unexpected · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“Due to bad weather its disappointment to force stop your run, i hope to repeat my unfinished business next year”

5.0 A let down overall · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“This race was meant to be my main event of the season. Whilst the organisers could do nothing about the extreme weather conditions, there were aspects that require scrutiny. The start finish for Solo 30/50 was not ideal; difficult to find and little recognition. Should be the same for all events. Support stations were amazing - best stocked I have ever seen - but not enough. Timing was manual, but poorly judged. Keep the amateur feel, but times and results do have to be accurate to carry weight.”

7.8 Well done despite the conditions Bruno Henrion · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“We ran the TEAM 50 with my family. Weather conditions were absolutely awful but we had a GREAT time. We like the race format and the atmosphere. the organizers did their very best and let the event go on which was a risky but a great decision. Many thanks to the organizers and no need to apologize. Some suggestions : it would be good to have at least one person at each Check Point (with the collapsed flags we missed one CP)”

8.5 Excellent event with amazing scenery Louise Moran · Participation 4 times I would take part again Yes

“Despite the exceptional weather I still thoroughly enjoyed. The organisers did absolutely everything they could and communicated it well via emails. Border control was no problem on Friday. One small thing, might have been nice to have an actual finish line for the 30km, maybe the weather played a part there. Will be back thank you :)”

10.0 That was a great adventure! :-) Maya Petrova · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“I really loved it despite the awful weather conditions! Respect to all the people invoved in the organisation! I'm sure it must have been a big challenge for all of the them!”

8.8 We love the Wadi Bih run, best event of the year! · Participation 6+ times I would take part again Yes

“Just like last year we ran the family run, 52 kilometers. This year the weather conditions made it a heroic run. Our son (10years) got lifted by the wind and thrown into the rocks, after discussing with our other kids we decided to keep running and see how it went. We finished in just over 5 hours, not bad considering our youngest runner is 5 years old. The family day is so much fun. Our boys -inclusive the injured one who is now getting better- decided to 'one day' run the 72 kilometers solo!”

4.0 Needs more freebies · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe
9.5 Best event in the sporting diary · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Organisers did an amazing job in extremely tricky weather circumstances this year - thank you for adapting and still providing a fun event!”

7.0 Great event, not as good as previous · Participation 4 times I would take part again Maybe

“Border crossing in (10 mins, Thurs 4.30pm)- out Fri waited 30mins, no problem. emails were sent regarding delays and to get there early, so we did. Event staff and support were great in difficult decisions. Support stations well manned in all areas. people say stations every 8km but runners should have bags and be prepared for 10km gaps, no problem. Medal and goodie bag was poor this year. Shirt is really short in body length, medal is very cheap compared to previous years which is a shame”

8.5 A great event despite the high winds! Suzanne Abraham · Participation 3 times I would take part again Yes
8.5 Creative adaptation to the conditions! Michael Pugliese · Participation 4 times I would take part again Yes
Edited on 06.02.2017

“Always the event/weekend of the year for our group and this year was nothing different. Well done to the organizers to find an excellent solution to the inclement weather! -however- Pass collection an unmitigated disaster again. Disarray from the beginning in an abandoned building. Over two hours to have entry pass completed for 1 missing pass. Passes not alphabetized by country. Not acceptable. Simple solutions. The one thing the Wadi Bih Org. team does not have direct control over ”

6.3 Great race but ruined by the border issues David Rouse · Participation 2 times I would take part again Maybe

“I know the difficulties you guys must face organising an event like this in the region and I imagine what I'm about to say, you will have heard many times already, but: 1. On the way in, it took about 2 hours 2. On the way out, it took about 3 hours Both situations were pretty stressful. I've got limited characters, so if I get round to it I'll send an email with some more info. Love the race, but the border situation left me thinking "never again". Thanks, David p.s. see you next year ”

9.0 Beautiful route and great overall experience · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes
8.5 Satisfactory · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“The race for SOLO should have support in every 5km or at least 8Km specifically as the route course was not flatted surface and difficult.”

7.3 Great experience Chandrasekar Venkatesan · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“The extreme weather made extremely difficult for the organisers. Really a wonderful event that could go places with a lot more support. ”

9.5 A unique event Tom Crampton · Participation 3 times I would take part again Yes

“In very difficult conditions the organisers did well to allow the maximum amount of running possible. Excellent support stations, and the driving around the course to check on runners was much appreciated. (Solo 72)”

9.0 Love the event and place Louis Zsivolecz · Participation 3 times I would take part again Yes

“Love the event and place. ”

6.5 Great route, organisation suffered conditions Andrew Clarke · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“The whole border arrangement was a bit flaky and the collection of the passes in Dibba was a shambles. Organisers seemed to struggle with the weather conditions. Although the weather was exceptionally bad it is not unknown. The organisers did not seem prepared for this. There was no bad weather plan for registeration and admin so organisation suffered. Safety: I would have expected a mandatory requirement for a wind/waterproof jacket. Many competitors were in a bad way at the top.”

3.5 Shocking organization on Day 2 (Team 72) · Participation 5 times I would take part again Maybe

“Bad weather on day 1 meant a change to the planned route. The problem was, the organizers didn't arrange anything until the last minute... Issues: (1) It would have been so easy to change or add distance to the route (we ran just over 30km of the 72) but the organizers didn't seem to care.... (2) No planned race brief despite changes, just an email. (3) 1 of 4 checkpoints unmarked (4) No timing chips (apparently this keeps Wadi Bih HARD), (5) no enforcement of rules... Oh, and 5.5 hrs at border!”

7.5 Great event but border nightmare · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Event was excellent but 3 hours of queuing to leave Oman afterwards. Not the organizers fault but if nothing can be done to smooth passage in and out of Dibba, Oman then it will put people off returning! ”

8.3 The real deal Toufic Abou Nader · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“This event for those serious ultra/trail runners and runners seeking fun, team building and challenging experience. one of a kind in this region. some might argue the organization of the event, however i believe this race is not about what happens around the race rather the race and course itself. Loved the experience and the community. and looking forward for next year (possibly another one in Q4??? ) ”

5.5 I know the weather was not helping, but... Delphine Renaud · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“I know the weather was not helping, but I was a little bit disapointing. Coming from Qatar,we didn't have access to mail before the race, and when we arrived on the morning we didn't understood what happen, nobody to explain.Thanks to participants during race who explained modification happened. No indication of the km or area for switching runners, few water here and there...Finally we decided to do more tourism than race by all climbing to the nice view point I was hopping something different ”

8.0 My First experience. Jino Jose · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“The course was well designed to make evaluate the runners ability. ”

8.8 A trail run like no other · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Pros: - Great trail - Organizers are very friendly and had to think on their feet to deal with harsh and dangerous weather conditions - Great communications and updates before the race - GPS coordinates provided prior to race - Full meal after race Cons: - They could improve on the number of stations on the trail (have one every 8km) - Marshall at halfway turnaeound was in the car staying warm while I had to go to him to show my number - Way too many cars driving -> dangerous sometimes”

10.0 Great event wit conditions to add to the fun. Richard Lewis · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes

“Great event and great effort and thinking on the feet from the organisers in very harsh conditions. I have read a couple of reviews from idiots that just annoyed me. The organisers provided all required information in advance. So I know K that I had to get to CP 4 on my own. The information was sufficient to let me know I wouldn't have a aid station until 15km and so I knew the difficulty level and how much water to take. I knew there were gale force winds and the organisers did an amazing j”

4.5 Amateurish at best! · Participation 2 times I would take part again No

“Was it the border pass debacle that left many runners waiting 2 hours for a new pass to be printed? Was it the failure of the organizers to let the 30k runners know that they would have to find their own way to the start line at check point#4? Perhaps it was the lack of signage or aid stations during the race itself? Or maybe it was the crappy buffet which could only be described as quasi Indian at best. The organizers should be forced to walk 72k barefoot through the wadi as punishment!”

9.3 Great event! · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Great organisation and great event despite the weather condition. Very nice run in Wadi Bih. A little miscommunication about the collection of the finisher medal and the awarding ceremony... I guess the hard condition didn't help with it.”

5.0 A great race, but amateurishly organised. Abraham Varughese · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe
Edited on 04.02.2017

“While this year's harsh weather was no one's fault, the warnings were loud and clear across the UAE and adjoining areas. Letting participants run against gale-force winds and sandstorms through a Wadi, with the risk of falling rocks was a bad call. There were freak accidents waiting to happen. The impact of cold and rain came only much later. And then calling off the race and depriving many runners of a finish after all that hard work under the pretext of "safety" was another big let down.”

7.0 Great event · Participation 2 times I would take part again Yes

“Great course this year for the 30, 50”

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