TM: Running Training Program & Sessions

TM: Running Training Program & Sessions

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Start Time: from 06:30 pm*

TM: Running Training Program & Sessions

Abu Dhabi UAE Start Time: from 06:30 pm*
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The TM: Running Training Program & Sessions is for everyone who wants to learn how to operate the natural running techniques at the right heart rate, pulse and how to easily run 3k, 5k and 10k distances.

Included: Refreshments, T Shirt, 8 classes of training with the coach
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Individual Categories Price (AED)
Individual 8 Session Program - 18.11.2019
15 - 70 Years, Male
15 - 50 Years, Female
Individual 8 Session Program- 01.12.2019
15 - 70 Years, Male
15 - 50 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • What is our training methods?

    Our athletes are trained to run instinctively, concentrating on the step pattern, correct body alignment, and correctly landing on the center of the foot. We have special running exercises designed to improve all the running phase elements-run fast, but safe.

    Devote a significant part of the course to the general physical fitness of the participant-a special workout to strengthen muscles and ligaments-and relaxation. You'll feel the difference in two weeks ' time.

    You're advised to run quickly at the "targeted heart rate." You must run a trial kilometer on your first session and run the goal distance at the end of the program. The trainer should pick workouts according to the heart rate zones of each athlete, and the course intervals will be ideally set out in the best possible way to train the participant for the final race.

    The days of exercise coincide with the days of rest-the days when new muscles get developing and when older muscles heal.

  • What does the Program offer?

    Our coaches will help you learn to run safely, even if you've never been running before.

    Self reliant home training will help you implement what you learned with your trainer during your runs. running articles and videos will be posted to ensure that you know all the different techniques, diets, and running schedules.

    its an opportunity to inspire one another, to reach new goals and to have fun together.

  • Schedule:

    Each session takes place every week, total of 8 sessions:

    Monday: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm at Al Hudyrat
    Wednesday: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm at Zayed Sports City ( Athletic Track)

  • Info About Individual Training Sessions:

    1.1.5-hour, practical, outdoor session plus outdoors workout on track (weather permitting)
    2.Designed to accommodate runners/triathletes of all levels.
    3.Focus on technique rather than fitness
    4.No long runs
    5.Drills kept short to coach optimum running form

  • What time should I get to the venue?

    15 minutes prior to session time

  • What time does the session start?

    6:30 pm

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