TM: Running Technique Workshop

TM: Running Technique Workshop

  1. Nov, 13 Wed
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  3. Nov, 27 Wed
  4. Abu Dhabi UAE

Start Time: from 07:30 pm*

TM: Running Technique Workshop

Abu Dhabi UAE Start Time: from 07:30 pm*
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Would you like to learn how to run with greater efficiency?

Is running putting too much strain on your whole body making it uncomfortable and painful?

Would you like to be able to run lightly and smoothly with real awareness of how you are using your body to perform?

Learning the Running Technique will help you run with greater awareness of how the mind and body are connected enabling you to run with a light and free footfall. You will experience less impact and strain on the bodies joints and muscles contributing to a more relaxed upright running posture and reduce the risk of injury. In short your running performance and enjoyment will be greatly enhanced and you will discover your natural born runner within you.

Join our Running technique workshop introduction to the running course and you'll discover the secrets of a perfect training session! You can get to know more about Running and receive a special deal for our training programs after attending the workshop.

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Individual Categories Price (AED)
Individual - 13.11.2019
0 - 99 Years, Male
0 - 99 Years, Female
Individual - 20.11.2019
0 - 99 Years, Male
0 - 99 Years, Female
Individual - 27.11.2019
0 - 99 Years, Male
0 - 99 Years, Female
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  • Who is this for?

    Beginner runners: The form workshop is a great way to ensure your running technique develops correctly over time. We will address bad habits early on to ensure you have a happy injury free running experience.

    Intermediate runners: The session will develop and fine tune your technique.

  • What to expect?

    1.1.5-hour, practical, outdoor session plus outdoors workout on track (weather permitting)
    2.Designed to accommodate runners/triathletes of all levels.
    3.Focus on technique rather than fitness
    4.No long runs
    5.Drills kept short to coach optimum running form

  • content?

    1.Run specific warm-up and activation drills
    2.Introduction to good running technique
    3.Introduction to running drills
    4.Coaching of running technique
    5.Running drills
    6.Warm down
    7.Question & Answer session

  • Where do I go for the event?

    Please see the Event Location map on this page.

  • What are my options for parking?

    Free Parkings

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