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Oman Insurance Corporate Challenge 6

Oman Insurance Corporate Challenge 6

  1. Jun, 06 Sat
  2. Dubai UAE

Start Time: from 08:00 am*

Oman Insurance Corporate Challenge 6

Dubai UAE Start Time: from 08:00 am*

If you're looking for a team-bonding exercise that ignites team spirit, creates infectious excitement and promotes healthy competition, look no further!

Oman Insurance Corporate Challenge Season 6 powered by Rush-A-Way is a thrilling inter-company challenge around Dubai.

With over 50 organizations taking part, contesting team members will navigate their way through 7 unique challenges to win the coveted title and take home the trophy!

The reporting location details will be sent via e-mail to all participants.

Included: Goody Bag, Live Results, Photo Service or Download, Refreshments, Tshirt, Lunch, Entertainment, Gift Vouchers
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Team Categories / Events Price (AED)
Team of 4 members
18 - 99 Years, Male/Female
(Team Price)
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • What is the race Criteria?

    When selecting your team take the following into consideration:
    - Team size can be a minimum of 3 or maximum of 4 Members
    - All team members must represent the same company, though it is not necessary that all team members are from that company
    - Players can be of any Nationality or Gender
    - All participants must be 18+
    - One of the team Member must have a valid UAE Driving License
    - Each team must have at-least 1 smartphone with a 3G/4G connection
    - 1 Car to commute between challenges

  • What is the Race Schedule?

    Event Timing:
    7:45 am to 8:45 am – T-shirt Collection
    9:00 am to 9:15 am – Challenge Briefing
    9:15 am – Challenge Kick-Off
    1:00 pm Onward – Lunch
    3:00 pm to 3:30 pm – Event Finale and Prize Distribution

  • When is Race Pack Collection?

    On the day at 8:15 am

  • Game Mechanics:

    1. Form a team of 4 members to go on this adventure with.

    2. Gear up to conquer 7 Challenges around Dubai.

    3. Your team earns points at each challenge, based on the time taken to finish it.

    4. The team with the highest points at the finish line wins the Grand Title of the ULTIMATE CORPORATE TEAM

  • How to form a Team?

    Try forming a team with complementing strengths to increase your chances at winning. Keep the following rules in mind when forming your team

    Team size can be a between 3 or 4 members
    All team members must be minimum 16 years old and can be of any gender.
    One of the team members must have a valid UAE Driving License.
    Each team must have atleast 1 smartphone with 3G/4G connection to connect to Rush-A-Way web app
    Each team must have 1 Car to commute between challenges
    Each challenge can be performed by either 2 or 3 members in a team.

  • How do I prepare for the Race & Challenges?

    Keep in mind some simple tips for the day of the challenge:

    Get familiar with all the rules of the race before the event kickoff.
    Report on time at the starting point.
    Wear comfortable clothes & shoes, carry a cap, sunscreen lotion & a towel.
    Teamwork and communication play an important role in your performance. So get to know your team members well.
    Make sure your smartphones are charged. Keep a handy car charger to use while moving between locations or carry a power bank with you to keep your phone charged.
    Make sure to fuel up your car in advance.

  • What is included?

    Apart from participation of 4 team members, the team registration fee also includes:

    T-shirts branded with your company logo
    International Buffet Lunch

  • Award Categories?

    Challenge Awards – Medals, trophies and prizes presented to the teams in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
    Best Performing Company Award – presented to the organization whose top 3 teams together accumulates the most points in the challenge. (Only companies with 3+ teams are eligible)
    Excellence Award – presented to the organization with most entries, recognizing their focus on employee development.
    LivFit Award – presented to the team that is fastest in the LivFit challenge.

  • What are the different challenges?

    The challenges are not revealed in advance, but none of them are extreme and each one helps you discover a unique experience and sometimes even a new side of you.
    The 7 challenges are of different genre, each designed to test the teams on various life skills like quick thinking, fitness, stamina, working under pressure and team-work. Some of our past challenges included stand-up paddle-boarding, archery, go-karting, calisthenics & parkour, escape games and even sushi making. Check out our previous challenge videos, to learn more about our past challenges. Each event has new sets of challenges, helping you discover new experiences in your city.

    And remember, whatever we make you do – make sure you RUSHHHHH.

  • How Does the Challenge Work?

    The contesting teams will take on this unique challenge by navigating through 7 unique tasks that are set up for them across Dubai. At each challenge, teams earn points based on how fast they complete the challenge after checking-in. The teams that do not finish the challenge in the given time receive a penalty but can continue the race. The teams with the highest score at the finish line, wins the Title & Bragging Rights!

    Teams need to sign into the Rush-A-Way web app before the event kicks off in order to receive location details. At the start of every challenge, the team must enter the check-in code when performing the challenge. Once the challenge is completed, the location details for their next challenge are unlocked on the web app.

    Teams will travel in their car between challenge locations and are free to use GPS or any apps, to navigate between locations.

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