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Leopard Canyon & Hanging Gardens Hike

Leopard Canyon & Hanging Gardens Hike

  1. Feb, 12 Fri
  2. Ras Al Khaimah UAE

Start Time: from 07:00 am*

Leopard Canyon & Hanging Gardens Hike

Ras Al Khaimah UAE Start Time: from 07:00 am*
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The hike got its name based on beliefs, the last Arabian leopard in UAE lived before shot.

We can divide the hike into 2 sections, easier one and more difficult one.

As we will complete this hiking trail as a loop round hike, we would like to ensure you have some previous hiking experience and certain fitness level to be able to finish this route.

Included: Refreshments, Qualified / Experienced English-speaking guides, Snack (One Sandwich), Juice (One small flavored juice packs), Fruits (Two Pieces of different fruits), Water 2 Liters, First Aid.
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  • By what time should I arrive at the event venue?

    6:45 AM

  • What are the start time(s) of the event?

    7 AM

  • Where do I go for the event?

    Please see the Event Location map on this page.

  • What are my options for parking?

    Yes, at the same location on the Event Page, but if you have a sedan Car please try to park at any convenient place nearby the starting point and you can walk to the starting point.

  • Are there bag drop facilities?


  • Will there be support stations? If yes, how many, where, providing what support?


  • What estimated time will the event finish?

    3:30 PM

  • How difficult is the trek?

    We can divide the hike into 2 sections, easier one and more difficult one:
    - The first part is enjoyable for everyone as walking through dry wadi offers a view of unique high rock walls reaching up to the sky among the route. This first part has slight elevation and you can expect rough terrain, boulder hopping and some easy rock climbing, where you can use this opportunity to bond with each other within a group by helping each other out. Within approximately 2,5 km we reach a beautiful balcony known as “hanging garden” with live plants hanging down from rock plateaus. We will hike the steeper part to reach the top of the hanging garden and continue our way to the vertical wall.

  • Is the Trek suitable for everyone?

    In the first part where we work as a team to ensure, everybody will be able to climb this 3-4 m high wall all the way up.
    Even this part may seem scary, there is nothing to worry about and even explorers with no climbing skills can make it with help of our skilled instructor. After this point, the scenery will slightly change from walking through closed wadi to more open areas where after few hundred meters we start our real HIKING on fairly easy, but steeper terrain to the top of the mountain until we reach the summit with the abounded village. We will have time to explore this place. The view from the top is just breathtaking as you can see surrounding mountains, the village we started from, wadi and sea on the horizon.

  • How is the way back?

    After the break, we will start our way back through the old donkey trail. At this part, you will start to appreciate your HIKING STICKS and hiking boots with ankle support as the trail is mainly steep and consists of small rock, slippery terrain. This route brings us to the beginning of our hike.

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