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Korzhenevskaya 7105m Tajikistan 15 Days

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City Dushanbe
Date 22 July 2022, Friday
Time 07:00 am*
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Pik Korzhenevskaya is a great choice for your first 7000m peak and a taste of expedition life.
It is one of the Russian Snow Leopards and the third highest peak in the Pamir after Pik Somoni (formerly Pik Kommunizma) and Pik Lenin, and the fourth highest in the former Soviet Union. It is located just south of the Tajik-Kyrgyz border and involves a 40 minute helicopter ride to BaseCamp
It was first discovered in 1905 by the Geography professor Korzhenevski, who had followed the Muksu River to the south side of the peak. He named the peak after his wife, Evgenia Korzhenevskaya.
The classic Southern ridge route starts from the Moskvina Glade, and is generally regarded as the safest and easiest route to the summit. Camps are placed at 5300m and 6400m from where we tackle the summit via a narrow but not steep ridge. To aid our ascent and the move between camps we will acclimatise on the nearby Peak Vorobyova (5691m) and porters are used to carry group equipment (tents, stoves and fuel).
Pik Korzhenevskaya is one of the five Russian peaks that make up the Snow Leopard Challenge.

This is also a very good test if you are considering 8000m mountains such as Everest.

Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
Individual Korzhenevskaya
0 - 99 Years, Male
0 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • What is included in the price?

    What the price includes
    • Meeting/seeing-off at the airport in Dushanbe
    • Transfer to/from the hotel
    • Accommodation in Dushanbe in the hotel (2 nights)
    • Transfer Dushanbe - airport Djirgital and back
    • Accommodation in Djirgital in guest house (1 night)
    • Helicopter flight Djirgital - BC Moskvina - Djirgital (40 kg per person is included, extra kilo costs 5 USD/kg)
    • Accommodation in BC
    • Meals in BC
    • High altitude food
    • Free usage of hot shower and sauna (1 time a week), toilet at BC
    • Infrastructure of BC (gadget charging, storage room)
    • Mountain route consultancy
    • First aid and consultation of doctor in BC
    • Registration in the rescue team
    • Supplying with the radio contact on the route
    • Usage of fixed ropes on the route
    • Accommodation in already installed high altitude camps on 5300/5800
    • Border permit and OVIR registration in Tajikistan
    • Ecology fee
    • Porterage of personal equipment to high c

  • What is NOT included?

    What is not included in the price
    Cost of a Tajik VISA
    International flights
    All additional deviations from the main route
    Meals in Dushanbe, Djirgital
    Supplement for single accommodation in the hotel
    Early check-in / late check-out at the hotel
    Drinks and meals not included in the main menu
    All personal expenses (additional baggage charges, room service, medical expenses, etc.)
    Formalization of insurance policy
    Mountain guide and porter`s services
    Rent of equipment

  • What training is provided before we leave?

    We run regular training and hiking weekends in the UAE throughout the winter which allows members to get to know each other and hike the great trails here.
    A briefing meeting is planned in the UAE which is free to those who have signed up.
    You can also attend at cost if you are simply interested in hiking and want to know more.
    We camp for the weekend, discuss the route and hike some spectacular routes in the mountains.
    Additional sessions are available at discounted rates.
    Additional mountains in the build up to korszhevenskaya are also available.
    We also have a base in the French Pyrenees at 2000m and run altitude training trips there.

  • Is there a discount available?

    Everything is priced to provide the best possible service.

    We can provide a discount for

    - return clients
    - clients who book multiple trips (such as Everest, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro or Aconcagua)
    - group bookings of 3 or more

  • Do you have references or previous clients that I can speak to?

    Of course.

    This works in our favor as we love our clients and our clients love us.

    Contact us.

  • What about acclimatisation?

    To enable all expedition members to acclimatize well and so maximize their chance of success, the expedition takes what I consider to be the best routes.
    Adaptation to the altitude takes time and there can be no short-cuts, even if supplementary oxygen is used in the final stages on mountains like Everest.
    The atmospheric pressure at the summit is half that at sea level which means you are breathing 50% less oxygen than normal.
    A thorough programme of acclimatization is built into the itinerary, which consists of regulated height gains and rest.
    Your guide, Sean James has summited Everest many times and has a vast knowledge of acclimatisation, altitude warning signs and how to treat cases.

  • Who will be my leader?

    Sean is your western guide for Korzhenevskaya .
    We also have local guides and porters.
    He has lived in Dubai for 12 years and splits his time between here and the Pyrenees.
    He has led 4 expeditions to the summit of Everest and 15 expeditions to mountains over 8000m as well as many around the globe.
    If we employ further western guides they will be qualified and experienced mountain guides or mountaineering instructors.
    We also ensure that all of our local porters have a good track record of mountaineering at high altitudes.
    Whilst qualifications and experience are essential requirements, we also make sure that our porters have the right temperament to lead an expedition comprised of individuals who have a range of previous experience and expectations. To that end, we aim to provide a staff (and clients ) who will make the expedition both successful and enjoyable throughout.

  • Can we make the schedule shorter?

    Of course there are shorter schedules but to give everyone the maximum chance of success we are following this itinerary.
    If you want a 1:1 or personal experience such as trail running to the summit, please contact us direct.

  • What equipment do I need?

    When you sign up we arrange a personal meeting and go through everything that you will need.
    Our connections with retailers will give you a discount and ensure you look good and are safe.
    • Walking poles
    • 3 or 4 season sleeping bag if you like to be warm
    • Day rucksack & Duffel kit pack
    • Duvet jacket
    • Warm walking boots and high altitude boots such as La Sportiva Spantiks
    • Crampons
    • Ice Axe
    • Harness, prussiks
    • Wash kit
    • Duvet jacket
    • Water proof outer clothes
    • High altitude Cat 4 Glasses
    We can provide assistance with obtaining equipment not normally stocked by retail outlets. Some items of equipment are available for hire from us but, for this expedition, we strongly recommend that you purchase your own personal equipment and test it before departure.
    We will also check any equipment you have before you depart and at the hotel.

  • Is it safe?

    Climbing and mountaineering are inherently dangerous sports and should be performed only with the proper instruction and supervision of an experienced guide.
    We work on the premise that the inherent risks of outdoor activities and mountain climbing can be in part identified and mitigated by information, training, interesting gear and knowledge gained in part, through the experiences of others.

    Although many people have now climbed Kilimanjaro, the mountain and its potential dangers are undiminished.
    The aim of our expedition will be to get as many team members as possible to the summit. However, this will not be to the detriment of safety. Safety will govern all decision making on the mountain and will be based on the sound mountaineering judgement of our highly experienced expedition leader.

  • Can I meet you before I sign up?

    Please do and infact we would prefer to meet in person before you sign up with us.

  • What level of experience do I need?

    Korzhenevskaya is a great first introduction to higher altitudes and mountaineering or a second step after Kilimanjaro and similar to Aconcagua.
    No prior climbing or technical experience is needed, however a good level of fitness is required.
    However once you sign up we expect you to take regular exercise and treks in the build up.
    This not only helps you but gives the team deeper strength.
    Korzhenevskaya is a fantastic experience and and as a first taste of altitude unparalled.

  • What is the typical schedule?

    Typical Itinerary 15 Days
    Arrival in Dushanbe. Overnight at the hotel.
    Transfer to Jirgital (7 hours). Overnight at the guest house or in the tent.
    Flight to Moskvina glade, accommodation at the Base Camp (4360m).
    Preparation day, acclimatization on Moskvina Glade.
    Preparation day.
    Climbing acclimatization
    Acclimatization hike to Vorobyov peak (5691m). Overnight at an altitude of 5300m.
    Descent to the BC.
    Rest day.
    Ascent to the camp 1 5300m. Overnight.
    Ascent to the camp 2 6400m. Overnight.
    Ascent to the peak of Korzhenevskaya (7105m), descent to the camp 2 6400m or further
    Descent to the BC.
    Spare bad weather day
    Flight out

  • What are you contact details?

    Sean lives in Dubai and the Pyrenees and as he is guiding the trips he is frequently travelling.
    All messages will be repsonded to as quickly as possible.
    Try these different options
    Whatsapp +447507886417
    UAE +971585528611
    FR +33645518199
    SP +34605128807
    [email protected]

    Zoom is also available

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Sean James Mountaineering

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