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ILSS: Outdoor Cycling Program

ILSS: Outdoor Cycling Program

  1. Oct, 27 Sun
  2. Dubai UAE

Start Time: from 06:00 am*

ILSS: Outdoor Cycling Program

Dubai UAE Start Time: from 06:00 am*
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Confident Cycling School.

Our cycling school was created for those who want to learn and master the techniques of riding a road bike.

In 12 structured lessons/training sessions you will go from a beginner to a confident bike rider - learn to safely and comfortably function a road bike, care after your bike and shift/move when riding with a group of cyclists.

By the end of the four week program, you will be able to confidently participate in mass training rides, cycling races and triathlon races

Come on and join a group of like-minded people to train with!

Included: Certificate, Goody Bag, Refreshments, 12 classes of training with the coach, ILSS team support
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Individual Categories Price (AED)
Individual for 12 sessions
16 - 99 Years, Male
16 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • About the coach:

    David Williams, ex pro cyclist, champion of Spinneys Dubai 92 and good guy will guide you into a big and interesting world of cycling.
    ☑ Level 3 USA-Cycling coach
    ☑ Former runner: 16:57 5k in high school
    ☑ Cycling Coach and former professional cyclist
    ☑ Winner of Dubai 92 ‘17 and 3x on the podium
    ☑ 8th age-group Time Trial World Championships ‘18
    ☑ Wearer of best young rider jersey ‘16 Tour of Sharjah (pro race)
    ☑ Winner of WACC race ‘19
    ☑ 2x Showka Urban Ultra winner
    ☑ 3x Abu Dhabi Cyclist of The Year
    ☑ 6x ADSC Night Race winner
    ☑ 3x ADSC Night Series overall winner

  • Sessions Schedule:

    Sunday / Tuesday / Thursday 6:00 - 7:30 AM

  • What equipment will I need?

    A bike, cycling shoes, and a helmet — you can rent them for a few lessons/training sessions. You will also need a cycling uniform: cycling shorts and a cycling top/jersey, cycling sunglasses and a sports bottle.

  • What should we already know, to sign up for these cycling lessons?

    Our cycling school is made specifically for an effective and fast learning process for even beginners. Even if you have never sat/used a bike, come to our training sessions and we will teach you.

  • How the does the training plan look like?

    The course is divided into 4 blocks, each week is devoted to mastering specific skills. On the last training session — exam for receiving a cycling license.
    1. Contact pedals:
    It can be difficult for beginners to get used to the pedals of a bike: we will teach you to quickly clip in and out of them.
    2. Controlling your bike:
    You will learn how to maintain balance and correct body position when cornering.
    3. Circular pedalling:
    Circular pedaling allows you not only to push the pedals but also to pull them, almost doubling your speed.
    4. Group interactions:
    During the race and training, it is important to completely trust the partners - this is a question not only of safety but also of efficient riding. Using the techniques of drafting and shifting, you can reduce air resistance and improve results.
    5. Bicycle Maintenance:
    Understand the bike itself, learn how to change the tubes and tires and notice minor damage.

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