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ILSS: Cycling - Brick Time Trial

ILSS: Cycling - Brick Time Trial

  1. Jan, 25 Sat
  2. Dubai UAE

Start Time: from 07:00 am*

ILSS: Cycling - Brick Time Trial

Dubai UAE Start Time: from 07:00 am*
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Cycling / Brick Time Trial Alert, ladies and gents!
Register, come and show what you can at Bike / Brick Time Trial with I Love Supersport crew.
Come and you will get:
✅ Timing of your result at one of offered distances (bike 10k and 20k, brick 10k+1k and 20k+2k) in a company of other athletes
✅ Chance to become top male or top female at your distance and to win amazing prizes from ILSS and partners worth AED1000 and more
✅ Your individual bike heart rate zones
✅ Great opportunity to hang out with progressive people as well as make new friends
✅ Superb tempo training / FTP test before your cycling or triathlon race
✅ Amazing pictures of you flying
You will be able to track your progress on a monthly basis then as this Time Trial is a regular thing at ILSS
All levels of cyclists and triathletes are welcomed. Ride your life and let's try together!
Post-race breakfast is optional
NAS Cycle Track, parking slot in front of DxBike, next to I Love Cycling flag https://goo.gl/maps/pJuTb9QoyYexr9eo9

Included: Live Results, Refreshments, Timing, Cycling session with a top coach
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Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
Cycling Time Trial Session
14 - 99 Years, Male
14 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • About the coach:

    Judit Spiegl:
    Professional Swimming & Triathlon Coach.
    Promoting healthy and balanced lifestyle and fitness through improving clients’ performance and ensure they are reaching their goals. Keen on knowledge sharing, humanity, green environment and to save our planet for next generations.
    ☑ 5th place IM70.3 Dubai, January 2016
    ☑ 3rd place – Tri Yas Abu Dhabi – Sprint Distance, February 2016
    ☑ 3rd place – IM70.3 Bahrain Half IRONMAN Middle East Championship, December 2016.

  • Event Location:

    NAS Cycle Track, parking slot in front of DxBike, next to I Love Cycling flag https://goo.gl/maps/pJuTb9QoyYexr9eo9

  • When is the Time Trial:

    7:00 AM

  • What's in the program?

    The Time Trial sessions lasts 2 hour.

    Offered distances to check your best time:
    Bike - 10K
    Bike – 20K
    Brick - 10K bike + 1K run
    Brick - 20K bike + 2K run

    We will do warm up together, then start the time trial one by one as it is a non drafting test.
    Road bikes and TT bikes are both allowed to use. Each lap will be measured.

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