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Al Ain 10X10 Fitness Virtual Challenge

Al Ain 10X10 Fitness Virtual Challenge

  1. Jun, 12 Fri
  2. AlAin UAE

Start Time: from 07:00 am*

Al Ain 10X10 Fitness Virtual Challenge

AlAin UAE Start Time: from 07:00 am*
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Introduce your Fitness Strength at Al Ain 10x10 Fitness Virtual Challenge throughout a cross fit including a 5K run (treadmill is allowed) in addition to 10 obstacles!

E certificate of Participation for all finishers and nice Virtual Fonisher Medal.
Virtual medals for first three places per Gender ..

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  • What are the start time(s) of the event?

    On Friday 12th June 2020 at 07:00am

  • Rules and Regulations:

    Each participant shall complete the following cross fit workout:
    5K run (treadmill is allowed ) + the following 10 obstacles:
    10 pushups
    10 burpees
    10 mountain climbers (per side)
    10 jumping jacks
    10 squats
    10 Bicycle Chrunch (per side)
    10 forward lunges (per side)
    10 dips
    10-second plank
    10-second squat
    Obstacles can be completed before or after the Run at any time throughout the workout . Just get it done!
    Run Part:  5km Run outside , in the house Garden or on Treadmill.
    Results Submissions
    Virtual workout and Run Challenge shall be conducted on Friday 12th June !
    Each participant shall complete the challenge parts on the same day and just need to provide ANY link for workout proof along with participant info.
    This could be:
    a link to your social media post,
    a link to your tracking app like Strava on https://www.strava.com/clubs/Tikitaka
    a link to your youtube video
    or a short video for each workout of the challenge

  • Challenge Prize and Results:

    Any link showing basic proof of completion is fine to be sent to [email protected] and post on Insta @tikitaka.s.m and tag to #AlAin10X10fitnessvirtual challenge.
    We just want to see you your fitness strength out having fun.
    All finishers will receive a personalized finisher's email certificate with the option to share on social media! (through Tikitaka insta @tikitaka.s.m)
    The Final Results will be calculated upon the following :
    -Faster time of completing the 5Km Run..
    -Completing all the obstacles workouts with out missing any .
    The Final Results will be available with in one one week of the activity Videos submission date 12th June 2020.
    E Certificate of Completion and Virtual Nice Finisher Medal for each Participants upon completion the challenge obstacles and Run.
    Virtual Medals for First three Places ..

  • What estimated time will the event finish?

    All workouts shall be completed and submitted to [email protected] before 23:59 on Friday 12th June .

  • Where can I find the results to the event?

    On Tikitaka Sport website: https://tikitaka-sm.business.site
    Instagram: @tikitaka.s.m
    Facebook: Facebook.com/tikitaka.smm

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