Ultra Oman

Saturday, 04.08.2018

Start Timefrom 07:00 am*
CityAl Wusta
CountryOman Oman
*some events may have multiple start times, please check details below.
Registration closes on 31.07.2018 at 11:59 PM or sooner if places sell out.
Cancelations accepted up to 31.07.2018 at 11:59 PM or sooner if the event sells out.
Category Changes accepted up to 31.07.2018 11:59 PM or sooner if the event sells out.
Ultra Oman is the result of our vision to create world-class stage event in the GCC's home of adventure Oman. We have created the most iconic course possible. to give a unique experience to all participants at all levels. The race will take you through different terrains and elevations over 156KM!

What does the package include?
2 Nights (shared room) at a hotel
Race Kit
Water throughout the race
Tent for 4 days

Included:Certificate, Live Results, Medal, Refreshments, Timing
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ULTRA OMAN is a foot race, open to runners and walkers, with several stages, and with food self-sufficiency, over a distance of about 154km. Each participant must carry his/her own backpack containing food, sleeping gear and other equipment.

1. Each participant must be above the age of 20 at the Race start dat.
2. You acknowledge and agree that the Race takes part in remote parts of OMAN, where everyday facilities and comforts to which you may be accustomed are unlikely to be available. You are expected to possess outdoor survival skills such as familiarity with outdoor gear, backpacking and common sense. You are not required to possess any technical navigation skills to take part in the Race.
3. You acknowledge and agree that competing in the Race will be physically demanding, and that you are aware of the nature of the Race and that there are medical and physical risks associated with the Race. You are solely responsible for your own training and preparation for the Race. By applying to compete in a Race, you warrant that you are physically capable of competing in the Race.
4. You acknowledge and agree that endurance racing of the kind contemplated by the Race entails the real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including equipment failure, dehydration, fatigue, collisions or incidents involving other competitors, spectators, other road users and/or vehicles, aspects of the course, weather conditions, natural disasters, flood, fire, injury, disease and other causes.
5. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for obtaining and taking all necessary inoculations and medications (and have taken them in accordance with your doctor's instructions) relevant to the country in which the Race is held. You also acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to carry your personal medications with you throughout the Race. Ultra Oman medical staff will not be able to, nor will it be liable for failing to, supply personal medication during a Race should a competitor fail to carry his or her own.

6. You acknowledge that the Race operates in very remote areas of Oman, which may not be supported by local hospitals, and that transportation to the nearest hospital may take several hours or longer. You further acknowledge that the course may pass through terrain where emergency evacuation may be seriously delayed or in some cases not available.
7. The Race Organizers reserve the right, with or without consultation of a doctor, to stop and use such force as is necessary to restrain you from starting or continuing a Race.

1. You agree that entry to the Race is granted to competitors on a non-changeable, non-transferable.
2. Ultra Oman Management reserves the right to modify the Race format, change the dates of the Race, change the location the Race, cancel the Race any time before the official start date/time or cancel the Race after it has started.

1. The Race Organizers will supply a ration of water at each checkpoint. Water supplied is to be used for drinking only.
2. In addition hot water for preparing food will be supplied at all campsites

1. Race officials will keep the official time clock for the Race, beginning when each stage starts and stopping when each competitor crosses the finishing line of each stage.
2. The winning competitor will be the competitor with the lowest combined times of the stages after taking into account any time penalties.
3. Cut-off times will be established daily. If competitors fail to reach and depart designated points by the specified cut-off time, they will not be allowed to continue the Race, and will not be eligible for a medal. Initial cut-off times will be announced before the stage starts. Initial cut-off times may be modified, and additional cut-off times may be added, during the Race at the sole discretion of the Race Organizers.
4. Competitors will be ranked according to their cumulative time for each Stage. Competitors who started in the team category will be eligible for individual ranking if their team does not complete the Race.
5. Age rankings are based on the competitor’s age on the day the Race starts.
6.The first team to cover all 4 stages of a Race in the shortest accumulated time is the winner. All other teams will be ranked according to their finishing time. Teams can only be ranked if the team members have completed all 4 stages of a Race.
7. Team results are based on time of the last member of the team to cross the finish line of each stage.