Friday, 10.02.2017

Start Timefrom 08:00 am*
CountryUAE UAE
*some events may have multiple start times, please check details below.
This event occurred in the past; information is likely to be out of date.
Registration closed on 05.02.2017 11:59 PM.
Cancellation (inc. credit/refund) options expired on 26.01.2017 11:59 PM.
Category change options expired on 26.01.2017 11:59 PM.
Open to all fitness levels and backgrounds, with the option of Sprint (5km+) and Endurance (10km+) races. Expect the unexpected in the heart of the Dubai Desert with as many as 30 obstacles and 4 different terrains waiting for you.
Individual male, female, largest corporation and UAE National prizes are up for grabs as you embark on an adventure across sand, rock, mud and water.

Race Pack Collection:
If you have registered as part of a Corporate Group please speak to your Corporate Coordinator as your race packs will be delivered to you.

If you have registered individually by yourself, please collect your race pack on the morning of the event. Please know your bib number, bring your ID and ensure that you print, sign and hand over your waiver in exchange for your race pack. Registered students must present Student Card when collecting.

ChampionChip by Premier Timing

Transport to Start:
Walk from the car park to the race village and starting point.

Parking Info:
On site via the entrance to the Al Qudra cycling track.

Start & Finish Location:
Al Qudra near Trek Bicycle Store

Google Maps Venue Link:

Course Difficulty:

Course Highlights:
Expect the unexpected in the heart of the Dubai Desert with as many as 30 obstacles and 4 different terrains waiting for you.....sand, rock, water and mud!

Support Stations:
Water stations throughout both 5km and 10km courses. A range of food and bevarage options will also be available in the race village.

Suggested Spectator Areas:
Sandstorm Marmoum is much more than just a race - it's a family day out with kids activities, F&B trucks and drones with large LED screens that will cover the race live! Grandstands will also be available to offer spectacular views of the event!

Included:Certificate, Goody Bag, Live Results, Medal, Refreshments, Timing, T-shirt and multipurpose headwear to wear during the race
Refund Policy:Premier Online guarantees your right to cancel and receive a refund (subject to applicable fees) for paid events within specified time limits.

Race Waiver
I, the above named individual of the above printed address have read, understood, completed, complied with, signed and brought this form to the venue as a registration condition of participation in the Sandstorm Marmoum 2017 obstacle race organised by Done LLC (the Organiser) to be held on 27 January 2017 (the Event).

1. I accept that I will participate in the Event with full knowledge of the potential physical and/or emotional injury risks inherent in an obstacle course, examples of which are described below, which could potentially result in serious injury or even death, and expressly, knowingly and voluntarily assume these Event risks.
2. My answers to the following questions are:
Have you ever suffered from any of the following (please circle as appropriate)?

Heart complaints Yes No Epilepsy Yes No
Migraines Yes No Back or Neck Problems Yes No
Asthma Yes No Phobias Yes No
Skin Complaints Yes No Allergies Yes No
Diabetes Yes No Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? Yes No

Have you broken any bones or had any serious muscle sprains /strains? Yes No
Do you have any other major illness/disability that may disqualify your participation? Yes No
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please explain overleaf or on a separate page.

3. If I answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, I will be participating in the Event after seeking medical advice.
4. I accept that the Organiser may, but is not compelled to, disqualify me from participating in the Event if it decides that disqualification is necessary for my and/or others’ safety or the Event’s reputation, in which case my entry fee will not be refunded.
5. I accept that the Event contains extreme obstacles including, but not limited to, mud pits, walls, balance beams, cargo climbs, natural terrain, slides, hills and water and assume all risks associated with participating in the Event including, but not limited to, falls and other impacts, collisions with other participants, other participants’ negligent or wanton acts and venue and/or weather conditions.
6. I accept that some Event obstacles go through water that has been tested for chemicals, disease, wild animals, insects, reptiles, sharp or hurtful objects, shallow depths or any contamination only as far as is reasonably practicable.
7. I accept that many, if not all, obstacle water pools and mud pits may vary in depth during the course of the Event.
8. I consent to emergency medical treatment and transportation if I am injured and to be treated in the manner that my treating medical professionals decide. This release extends to any liability arising out of or connected with this medical treatment and transportation.
9. I knowingly and voluntarily assume all Event participation risks, both known and unknown, and even if arising from the negligence of others, release the Organiser, its employees and agents and all other participants from these risks and waive all rights that I may otherwise have against them.
10. I will not consume alcohol prior to or during the Event or ingest any medicine or substance that will inhibit my mental and/or physical ability to safely participate in the Event.
11. I will obey any Event official’s decision concerning my ability to safely participate in the Event.
12. I will obey all pedestrian/spectator requirements.
13. I will behave in an orderly, respectful, safe and lawful manner during the Event and accept that I may be removed from it if any representative of the Organiser decides that my behaviour endangers or may endanger the safety of other participants or negatively affects the Event or its reputation.
14. I will not intentionally drop rubbish, urinate or defecate at the venue except where provided for the purpose and accept that I will be removed by the Organiser for non-compliance and may be the subject of a Police complaint.
15. I accept responsibility for my personal chip timing equipment and will reimburse the Organiser for its cost if it is lost or damaged.
16. I agree to listen to the pre-race Event briefing and to not hold the Organiser responsible for any missed information.
17. I accept that the Organiser is not responsible for any personal property that is lost or stolen at the Event.
18. I accept that all entry fee payments are final and non-refundable.
19. I will be the correct age to enter the category I have entered on Event day.
20. I consent to my likeness being used without charge for filming and/or photography by the Organiser and/or its agents in any future Event advertising or promotion and, if I am a podium or other prize winner, I agree to my likeness being used without charge by the Organiser, its partners and sponsors as they see fit.
21. I accept that the Organiser is entitled to cancel or modify the Event in the unlikely event of a reason beyond its control such as an extreme weather, earthquake, structural or other force majeure event, in which case my entry fee will not be refunded.
22. I accept that if any part of this form is declared by any judicial or other competent authority to be unenforceable, it is severed and the remaining part will remain in full force and effect.
23. I accept that this form is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and that any dispute between the Organiser and myself regarding its contents’ legal effect will be exclusively determined by the DIFC courts.